Wedding Guidelines

We believe that God has established the sanctity and companionship of marriage and desires that the bond of marriage last a lifetime.

We are happy to make Community of Christ facilities available to you for your wedding. The church is a most appropriate setting for this significant ceremony and a fitting place for expressing your marriage vows. Two lives are made one and a new home is established.

To assist you in making preparations for your special day, we are offering the following to familiarize you with the various services and procedures adopted by our church.

Minister’s Obligation

There are a great number of details and many people involved in planning a wedding. As ministers of the gospel, it is part of our calling to foster lasting marriages that flourish through the power of God. It is our responsibility to help you set expectations intended to promote the quality of marriage.

You may request a specific minister from those of our priesthood who are authorized to officiate in marriage ceremonies. Your minister will assist in your emotional and spiritual preparation for your marriage. Part of this preparation includes pre-marital counseling. This counseling consists of a minimum of four sessions encouraging you as individuals, and as a couple, to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider issues which are fundamental to the success of any marriage. Preparation will encompass spiritual, financial and relationship-interaction areas. Your minister is willing to cover any other areas that are of unique concern and/or interest to you.

Your minister will discuss the wedding ceremony with you and together you may decide the elements you wish to incorporate into the service. Marriage is a sacrament of the church and the service should be planned with this in mind.

The officiating minister will conduct your rehearsal, which will last about an hour. The wedding party should be at the church at the previously arranged rehearsal time. Please be prompt.

The wedding license must be presented to the minister no later than the rehearsal.


Choice of musician and vocalist are left to the discretion of the bride and groom. Please keep in mind that certain lyrics or styles of music may not be appropriate for a church ceremony. We would ask that you choose wedding music that will not be offensive to the spiritual nature of the service. When music tracks are used, those portions of the ceremony will not be recorded due to copyright regulations.

The bride and groom may obtain and bring their own prerecorded music for the ceremony. The church has a stereo system and computer projector system, which you are welcome to use. Please have your prerecorded music at the church prior to the rehearsal.


Dressing rooms are available for the wedding party. Rooms have floor length mirrors and racks for gowns and tuxedos. It is expected that the bridal party’s apparel will be tasteful for the occasion of the wedding in the church. Unique dress that will be meaningful and enhance the bride and groom’s wedding experience is welcomed under this guideline.


The Community of Christ is a place of worship. It has been furnished and decorated to enhance this purpose. We request that you consider this as you choose your decorations for the ceremony. If you have questions regarding what is acceptable and tasteful, please address them with your minister.

A few rules to remember:

  • Do not use decorations that may cause damage to floors, carpets, walls or furniture. Please do not use nails or screws.
  • Do not use tape or other adhesive materials on any painted or varnished surface.
  • The wedding party is responsible for all decorations and their removal following the ceremony and/or receptions. If this is not done, a cleaning fee will be charged. Please note the fee schedule. Please bring your own extension cords and ladders as the church does not supply these items.

Guidelines from Hiawatha’s Fire Marshall

  1. If candles are used, plastic must be placed under them to catch the dripping wax.
  2. Hand-held candles are particularly dangerous and must be used with the proper container. Battery-operated candles are a good substitute.
  3. Candelabras and/or single-flame lighted candles must be securely fastened in place to prevent overturning and must be located away from occupants using the area and away from possible contact with draperies, curtains, and/or other combustibles. If a candle is used on an area that may come in close proximity to people, fabrics, or wall coverings, a globe or chimney must completely shield the flame. (The flame must be far enough below the chimney opening that a piece of tissue paper placed on top of the chimney would not ignite if left there for a minimum of ten seconds.)
  4. Candles used on the altars of churches need not be enclosed with a globe or chimney.


Photographers are encouraged to take all the pictures they wish before and following the ceremony. Once the bridal party and bride are at the front of the church and the ceremony is ready to begin, no pictures should be taken with flash. We request no movement of equipment or persons until the ceremony is completed. The ceremony is completed when the bride and groom are introduced as a couple and start down the aisle. Please instruct ushers to politely inform guests carrying cameras not to take pictures during the ceremony. If you have a ceremony program, a note concerning no photographs during the wedding ceremony will be helpful to your guests.


If you choose to have your reception at the church, chairs and tables to seat 200 are available at no charge. The church does not provide any linen nor does it cater food.

After the ceremony and reception

  1. The wedding party should assure that any moved items within the church are replaced to their original locations.
  2. The wedding party should assure that all decorations and/or items brought in for the ceremony and/or reception are removed from the church premises that same day unless other arrangements are made.

General Information

  • No alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs are allowed on church property. For those who smoke, please do so in the parking lot and take all cigarette stubs with you.
  • Please make sure all children and youth are adequately supervised while in the church building, the parking area or on the playground.

Wedding Fees

Use of sanctuary and rooms for dressing $250.00
Use of Family Life Center for reception $100.00
Musician or vocalist $75.00 per person
Cleaning fee, if necessary $200
Minister Free
Prepare and Enrich Inventory Fee $35.00

Fees are payable at the rehearsal except for the Prepare and Enrich fee which is payable at the time the inventory is taken.